Wellness Use Of Anabolic Steroids

September 18, 2022 Off By Ebba Margaretta

Anabolic steroids are called prescription drugs that stimulate cell growth in the human body. Actually developed for the treatment of diseases, anabolic steroids are mainly known for their abuse to build muscle.

Do anabolic steroids promote wellness?

Anabolic steroids are prescription drugs that produce effects in the human body similar to those of the hormone testosterone.

The agent promotes protein production in the cells, especially in the muscle cells. Anabolic steroids also have androgenic virilizing properties. These steroids have been produced and used medicinally since the 1930s to increase bone growth, stimulate appetite and induce male puberty.

Anabolic steroids are also used in the treatment of cancer and AIDS. Long-term use, e.g. for the extreme build-up of body muscles, has negative effects on health. These include a significant increase in cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease, acne, high blood pressure and liver damage. Gynaecomastia or testicular atrophy also occurs more frequently.

Pharmacological action

Anabolic steroids have two different effects on the human body. On the one hand they cause cell growth, on the other hand they promote classic male attributes.

Stimulating protein synthesis increases appetite, promotes bone growth, and stimulating bone marrow increases red blood cell production. Through a series of complex mechanisms, anabolic steroids also promote growth on muscle cells, resulting in increased muscle mass and body strength.

The androgenic effects are also numerous and irreversible depending on the duration of use. So, before you buy anabolic steroids (anabolika kaufen), it is always helpful to consult your physician. In doing so, you will know the right dosage to avoid any side effects.

anabolic steroids

Medical Application & Use

Since the development of anabolic steroids, the drug has been used to treat many conditions, but with varying degrees of success.

For decades, anabolic steroids have been used primarily to stimulate the bone marrow, particularly to treat hypolastic anemia associated with leukemia or kidney failure. Today, anabolic steroids in this field are being replaced by hormone therapies. For a long time, anabolic steroids were also used in the treatment of growth disorders in children. However, following the development of synthetic growth hormones, anabolic steroids remain a secondary treatment in this area.

Anabolic steroid therapy can help in men with low testosterone levels, as well as in increasing libido in older men. In the case of gender identity disorder, anabolic steroids can be used to promote male attributes in women who wish to change.

The use of anabolic steroids can have numerous side effects and involve health risks. Depending on how long the drug is consumed, it can permanently damage the immune system.