South Coast Ayurveda Resort

"What a wonderful place. A beautiful setting produces the backdrop to this exquisite paradise. Thank you so much for a wonderful time." Clare Kinsella. More reviews.

South Coast Ayurveda Resort
Location Ayurveda retreat, South Coast of Sri Lanka
Open Year-round
Activities Ayurveda and Yoga
Prices From €1100, approx £823pp p wk inclusive in single ensuite room. Up to 10% off fb rooms from 15 March - 23 April.
Ideal for Ayurveda - Yoga - Tai Ji - Qigong - Detox - Vegan - Rejuvenating - Weight loss - Health - Swimming - Excursions - Solo travellers

Ring the reservations department for the Barberyn Beach Resort in Sri Lanka on +94 34-22 76134



Book about four to six months in advance for this popular resort. Nominated best chill-out spot by Harpers Magazine: "The best Ayurvedic treatments on the island can be found at this resort. ... Indeed it compares favourably to the best ayurvedic treatments in Kerala."

One of the best beach locations on the island for relaxing and experiencing the health and wellbeing benefits of Ayurveda. Enjoy synchronised full-body massages, herbal baths and steams, and rejuvenating scrubs. Daily yoga sessions are offered at sunrise.

Founded by a local family who pioneered the resort concept of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, this is amongst Sri Lanka's most respected Ayurveda holiday resorts, along with the West Coast Ayurveda Resort. The focus is very much on individually tailored Ayurveda treatments, about 2 to 3 hours each day. Daily Yoga sessions of 60 to 90 minutes are offered to complement the Ayurveda.

NEWS: In early September 2016 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Sri Lanka free of Malaria.
There are still mosquitos and you may wish to bring relevant protection.


Spacious and beautifully furnished ensuite rooms with balconies and view of the sea or garden. Sri Lankan hospitality at its best.

Food is freshly prepared from local produce, mostly organic and very delicious, naturally vegan or optional vegetarian, with the added option of local fresh fish.

Begin the day with tropical fresh fruit and juices, herbal or Sri Lankan black tea, yoghurt, eastern and optional western bread, yams and the nourishing conjee with different leaves - the 'green soup' which also aids digestion.

The highlight of the lunch buffet is a variety of vegetables cooked in different ways and optional fresh fish, followed by fruit, optional curd and treacle, and dessert for those who are not watching their weight.

Dinner is a set meal with a soup or entrée, vegetarian or optional fish main course, followed by dessert.

Saturday evening is Sri Lanka night with wonderful Sri Lanka food - some of it cooked in the dining room, and eastern music played by a group of traditional musicians.

In addition there is individually prepared food to complement the Ayurveda programme.



The resort is located on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, near a coastal village, approximately 140 km from Colombo. Overlooking two stunning, secluded beaches the resort nestles among palm trees and verdant valleys, giving each balcony a view of lush greenery or the sea. Ideally situated for exploring the sites of the south including the historic town of Galle and the turtle sanctuary.


....airport: Colombo International airport, Sri Lanka. Transfers are included; flights are separate. A driver from the resort will collect you whatever time you arrive. The journey takes about 3.5 hours depending on traffic.
Please note: your outbound flight will depart the day before the day of arrival due to time difference and journey time (return flight usually arrives back the same day).
Before booking your flights please check availability and confirm your booking with us.
Check-in time is 12 noon. If you arrive in the early morning hours you will need to pay for that night. 

...swimming facilities: in the extended gardens you find the saltwater pool overlooking the ocean. Walk a few steps further for the choice of two beaches, one for swimming at designated times, depending on the tide; the other for walking or jogging and watching the stilt fishermen who are unique to this area.

...shops: on-site is an Asian silk and handicraft gift shop. The local village is typically Sri Lankan and not very touristy, only 15 minutes away by tuk-tuk. Here you find markets and shops, including jewel shops (Sri Lanka is famous for its jewels).

...restaurants: in the nearby village, about 15 minutes away by tuk-tuk. You are unlikely to need them, though, as you are well catered for at this Resort.

...other attractions: The Resort organises free short excursions to places of interests on most afternoons during the week. Local places of interest include:
Stilt fishermen - found nowhere else on Sri Lanka
Ancient temples and 1500-year-old rock carvings
The markets and bazaars in the local village
The Old Dutch Fort at Galle
The Lighthouse at Dondra


Activities and prices


This resort focuses on offering professional Ayurveda treatment packages. The qualified staff prescribe treatments for each guest individually, including head, face and body oil massage; herbal or steam baths; freshly prepared herbal medicines and elixirs and personally recommended food. Guests enjoy approx two hours of treatments per day.

The beauty at this resort is that there are female doctors and massage therapists for female guests (which we find is much appreciated by female guests), and male therapists for male guests.

Ayurveda treats the body, mind and spirit of a person as a whole entity, and works on the basis that the mind and body affect each other and together can overcome disease and strengthen the immune system. It can complement modern medicine. A one- or two-week programme can be very beneficial for general rejuvenation or a gentle detox. Allow two weeks or more for deeper health benefits. More on Ayurveda.

Other optional activities include Yoga or Tai Ji/Qi Gong or meditation on the roof top for sunrise and in the gardens overlooking the sea at sunset.

Free lectures, Ayurvedic astrology and excursions are also offered.


• Minimum 7-night stay.
• Seasonal offers apply only to full board accommodation for those taking Ayurveda
• Please note prices may be different from winter 2020-21.

Winter OFFER: 10% discount on full-board accommodation from 8 November - 20 December and from 15 March - 23 April.

Winter - peak season: for stays from 21 December - 14 March.

Summer offer: up to 50% off full-board accommodation for stays between 24 April - 7 November.

Prices will include full board, all Ayurveda treatments (the personalised package includes consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor, daily massages, wraps, herbal baths, steams, optional acupuncture, freshly prepared herbal remedies, etc; approx two hours of treatments per day), yoga, tai chi/chi kung and meditation classes, local excursions and airport transfers. Flights are not included.

All prices are seasonal and subject to change. All pound prices depend on the exchange rate.

The treatments cost EUR 85 per person per day which will be included in the prices quoted.

All rooms have their own balcony or terrace and sea or garden views. Prices depend on the room type.

Sharing a room with a friend or partner lowers the price per person.

Please request a quote for your specific datesCheck availability


Child policy

Children over 12 years of age welcome; no special facilities provided.


Green footprint

What can I do?

See our 10 top tips on green travel - how to make your stay more enjoyable & better for the environment. Consider offsetting your car, train or plane journey via the charity  

How ethical and environmentally-friendly is the holiday?

The resort runs regular yoga fundraising yoga where the proceeds go towards bringing the benefits of Yoga to Sri Lankan village children.

It also supports the Sudana Rodrigo Sahana Foundation which continues the community development work that evolved as a response to the tsunami that touched the lives of countless people in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka on 26 December 2004.

Local villagers are encouraged to take ownership and contribute their skills in implementing the Sahana projects. Resort staff supervise the projects and ensure that the projects are implemented in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. At the core of every project lies the goal of sustainability and self-reliance.

The Sahana Foundation is now also collaborating with the Breath of Hope Foundation to empower at-risk children and communities through therapeutic interventions and educational programs of Yoga, that can help heal children and communities from natural disasters and other trauma. Breath of Hope’s mind-body programme of yoga helps to engender resiliency in the child, creating a ripple effect from the child of the family, school, community and beyond. In this way, hope and peace are rekindled one child at a time. The programme has recently been successfully extended to a school for deaf children, in Rathmalana.



  • "The location was amazing, service fantastic, real pampering, a true healing experience. I came back feeling alive, rejuvenated and full of energy. Be open-minded, follow the programme and listen to your body. This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I left the resort 10lbs lighter in both body and mind. It taught me to switch off my mind, focus on my health and put life into perspective. I travelled alone for the first time and met some incredible like-minded people. An amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to detox, destress and step out of the rat race momentarily." Tina Devine, company director

  • "Beautiful spot, not overcrowded, really nice people and very good care. I was really pleased that the reality exceeded my expectations. I came back home feeling very good: happier and full of energy. Stay for at least two weeks if you can." Ivana B.

  • "I had as lovely a time as was as beautiful and relaxing as ever, and I had forgotten just how delicious the food is. I came back feeling relaxed, well-rested, thinner, and glowing with health." Katharine F.

  • "Loved the resort... The food was amazing. I was in vegetarian heaven. The ayurvedic treatments were outstanding. My time there has nearly cleared my psoriasis of 20 years. I feel wonderful - healthy and relaxed - but very reluctant to be engaging in the rat race again." Melissa H., GP doctor,

  • "[Highlights included] seeing the stilt fishermen fishing off the beach adjacent to the hotel. Seeing a spectacled monkey in the trees by the dining room...
    It was interesting to meet people from around the world. It was easy to chat as we had shared experiences. It felt safe for a single woman and there were lots of things to do including the stunning setting, lovely pool, and high-quality resort facilities. Good, interesting excursions included in the price too - like the Moon Festival in a Buddhist Monastery.
    [I came back feeling] relaxed, calm, energised and chilled and bubbling with enthusiasm to spread the word to others to go...
    This was my first holiday by myself since my husband died. Travelling through Neal’s Yard Holidays gave me the confidence that it would be safe and provide quality, value and the ambience I aspired to. It exceeded my hopes. Thank you." Louise Carpenter, psychotherapist

  • "The highlights for me were the treatments, particularly the full body massage with two therapists, and the food. The lunchtime buffet was the best food I have ever had on a holiday. Spectacular scenery. ... Just sit back and enjoy, don't go for the restricted diet, the food is the way to good. Diet when you get back if you have to!" Tracey L.

  • "The highlights for me were: The beautiful birds and butterflies, the location, the service, the treatments, the atmosphere, the people. Tai chi at dawn on a hill looking out over the stilt fishermen as they start their days, with the amazing surf of the Indian Ocean crashing around them. The beautiful sunsets. The huge monitor lizard parading around the resort! ...
    The evening of monks chanting at the pavilion was quite magical... I felt like a new person. Calm and relaxed, glowing in health, lighter in weight, freer in mind... The people are very kind and gentle with a lovely sense of humour. Give in and let others look after you for two weeks and you will feel like a new person." Jacqueline Taylor, magistrate

  • "The whole experience was thought-provoking and in my case life-changing. I just wish I could have stayed for two more weeks. I've been back for six weeks now and am still putting much of what I learnt into practice and feel all the better for it. To get the most from the experience go with an open mind and do as you are told! I lost 3 kilos in 10 days and have kept it off since I returned to the UK." S.S.

  • "The environment is deeply relaxing and I love the food!" Kate C.

  • "I had a really lovely holiday thank you, it’s such a beautiful place and atmosphere and I felt utterly fabulous on my return, still do actually a couple of months later.
    I'll definitely go back, maybe for 10 days or 2 weeks next time, it was such a treat to just relax completely and have no pressure at all on you and be pampered by all those lovely people. And the food was amazing. And I lost 3 kilos in 8 days which was brilliant. So thanks very much! I have been telling everyone I know to go so hopefully they will, and I'll be back next year." K.F.

  • "We had a great holiday. I have travelled many times to India for Ayurvedic treatments at many different resorts/spas and hotels etc and I have never experienced such wonderful care and attention, plus such expert treatments, that I received here. I was very impressed with the doctor and her team - she took great care of us both and her findings/analysis was very interesting.
    The staff - whether the Room Boys/Reception/Dining Room - were so kind and charming, nothing was ever too much trouble for them. ...
    Absolutely great Ayurvedic treatments and the food was excellent (we were both on the control diet [to lose weight] and never felt we were, as the food was all so fresh and delicious)." Liz L.

  • "What a beautiful place, and the treatments are excellent. We are so enjoying it here we might become regulars! Really good place, thank you." AW, psychotherapist

  • "My holiday was profoundly relaxing, the treatments were fantastic and the food was the best I've ever eaten. Being so entirely taken care of - from treatments to diet (they note your allergies and a doctor comes up to you at the buffet to let you know if there's anything with that ingredient in).
    It is the best service I've had in any hotel, ever (and I'm including some of the 5-star supposedly 'best hotels in the world'). I felt a great sense of inner tranquillity. I felt I had had the first valuable 'me time' in years. It is extremely good value - everything is included and they even throw in a lot more for free so you feel that you are being treated as opposed to ripped off (as in so many other places). I am going to book to go back there asap!" Kate J.

  • "The accommodation and food at the South Coast Ayurveda Resort were excellent. I enjoyed the privacy of the room with its balcony and it made a huge difference having a lovely pool. I would definitely go back. The highlights for me were the complete rest and relaxation, the gorgeous food, and being so well looked after. On my return I felt totally rested and refreshed, much calmer and healthier." Ania S.

  • "Just wanted to say I had a great time. Picked up loads of life enhancing techniques from the Ayurveda principles. Thanks for arranging it for me. ... The staff were excellent and the holiday has left me feeling great.
    For someone who is always doing things, the holiday gave me an important lesson on pacing myself (as distinct from slowing down). Not only does it give you better health, you also get more done that away. Obvious I know, but it often takes an outsider to point out the obvious. Thanks for all your help." Legal journalist,

  • "I had the most amazing holiday at the South Coast Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka. It was a fantastic time and I feel 5000 times better. Thank you so much. It was absolutely wonderful." Susan Morris

  • "A wonderful trip I'll always remember." Gillian

  • "I have had a wonderful relaxing 10-day stay. I found I especially enjoyed the staff. They are so pleasant and obviously so well trained. I will recommend the Resort to others." Brenda Morgan

  • "This hotel is not only beautiful in its setting but also the people. I will never forget the friendliness, your smiles, and how at home I felt here. May you all be happy and healthy for a long time!" Regina Mervis

  • "Thanks a lot for your hospitality. All your friendly smiles, wonderful massages, delicious meals, beautiful rooms, and caring all the time. I'll take back a lot of wonderful moments and new thoughts – thank you all! If one should describe paradise – that's the way it must feel like here, at your place." Nicole Landsgesell

  • "Thank you very much. It was again a great time. Thanks for the good service and the unbelievable treatment. You are all doing a great job. Buddha should hold his hands over this paradise." Tobias Loewe

  • "Thanks for your kind hospitality. It's a fantastic stay here, REALLY. Nice Rooms, nice service, and nice traditional herbal healing treatment too!" Eva Liu

  • "The staff here is extremely friendly and helpful. It made our stay here more enjoyable. I am leaving feeling much healthier as well as 4 kilos lighter." Vicky Hampson

  • "Thank you so very much for a real 'Get away from it all' holiday. I can't believe how lovely everyone is here – they really made the holiday special. I also lost 5 kg, so I'm very happy." Catrin Lee

  • "This is the second time for me to be here. And again, Perfect treatment, excellent kitchen, wonderful staff. Could be my second home here. Again thank you very much for the wonderful stay." ARP Andreas

  • "An Oasis within 'Paradise'. Thank you to all for making this an Unforgettable Moment. The hotel is absolutely fantastic, the staff and the people of Sri Lanka are so warm and friendly. Thank you again for everything. Will see you next year." Nicole Maier


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