When we think of the word “wellness,” we often think of long runs, manicures, and massages. However, our health is connected to so much more than this. In fact, our health influences our wellness in a variety of ways. 

Connection between Health and Wellness

From our routines to our stress levels, our health has a lot to do with how healthy we feel. We’re not just talking about the appearance or the physical appearance of our bodies either. When we talk about the effect our health has on our entire well-being, we’re talking about our mental and emotional health as well. 

Your Body is your Temple

When people think about the health and wellness of their bodies, they often think about the physical body. But what about the spiritual and mental aspects of your body? Physical health is important, but it’s not the only thing that makes you healthy

Your mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects are also just as important, if not more so. When you don’t treat these aspects of your body with the respect they deserve, they can be negatively impacted just as much as your physical being is.