15 Health Benefits of Getting a Massage

November 22, 2022 Off By Erica Dom

Back massage


They are a very effective alternative for health, dependent on drug consumption and clinical intervention. They represent a great contribution as a sedative and alternative therapies.

Accelerated routines sometimes prevent people from stopping to give their bodies a respite. If we want a good quality of life, it is in this harmony that a massage, like a 출장마사지 (business trip massage), is a great option for each of us.

From post-traumatic rehabilitation to aesthetic enhancement of the skin, massage performs common tasks in the care of the body. Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money, but take your time and take advantage of it.

Although massage techniques accompany people since they were born in different countries of the world, discoveries are still being made that strengthen and improve the range that massage can provide for people’s well-being.

In addition to responding to illness and potential pain, massage therapy can prevent psychic and physical complications. Another feature of massage is that it helps babies, adolescents, adults, and grandparents, serving all members of the family.

Although it is impossible to collect all the manifestations of massage techniques, we will present different benefits and types that can undoubtedly provide important knowledge if we want to fully maintain the health of the body.

15 benefits of massage for health

1. Massage for freshmen who came to the world

Many ancient cultures have been used since time immemorial to form intimate relationships through massage, a practice that is gradually expanding in the modern Western world.

Massage offers many benefits for newborns, it strengthens the immune system, helps the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, and improves and promotes the nervous and endocrine systems.

In short, massage gives your baby complete help to focus on reducing stress and building positive self-esteem.

2. Strengthening the bond between parents and children

Massage is also beneficial for the baby’s parents, and can strengthen strong family relationships and strengthen parental instincts and intuition.

Pediatric studies have shown that massage is a good treatment for mothers with postpartum depression. Massage helps moms reach out to their children and gradually relate them in a better way.

On the other hand, in some hospitals in North America, it is recommended that mothers of premature babies perform certain types of massage before leaving to benefit each other.

It has been confirmed that mothers of preterm children give massages to their children, which lowers levels of anxiety and causes a notorious emotional improvement.

3. Massage to soften the routine

Already in adults, massage is applied in order for the result of the massage to be different. One of these massages at a relaxing Swedish massage.

This type of massage consists of basic and simple movements: kneading, rubbing, percudir, vibrating, and gently rubbing the body to achieve contact with the surface layers of the muscles. Relaxing Swedish Massage gives you mental and physical satisfaction.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo has confirmed that patients in the Critical Care Unit who received this type of massage reduce their anxiety and significantly normalize vital signs.

4. Solution for constant pain

More intense massage seeks to restore the elasticity of the affected muscles, increase blood circulation and restore muscle activity. In this case, a deep tissue massage is performed, which is characterized by its intensity and intensity, using fingers, forearms, and knuckles to stimulate the deep structures of the musculoskeletal system.

For people who have accumulated chronic stress or suffered muscle injuries, it is advisable to start this massage to relieve their health for good.

5. Infallibility to athletes and athletes

In order to harmonize sports with everyday life, it is necessary to take advantage of the benefits of massage. People who enjoy high-performance sports training should include massage to prevent injuries or overcome previous physical problems and continue training.

Sportsmen offer massages, deep tissue massages, and Swedish relaxation massages for daily preparation.

It is important to perform intense massage and stretching before physical activity and to soothe or soothe muscles after training or exercise.

6. The need to remove secretionsharmful

Lymphatic drainage massage is used to remove toxins, fats, and salts, among other organic substances through the bloodstream. This message kicks away unhealthy substances ahead of time.

Within this category of massage, there are known reduction massages, massages that are practiced mainly on those areas of the body where fat is concentrated, achieve a slim silhouette, improve circulation and reduce cellulite.

7. Benefits of Asian wisdom

Massage is a global treatment, and this is evidenced by the Japanese shiatsu massage technique, which uses the synergy between ophthalmologists and patients to restore a person’s physical and energetic balance.

On this occasion, we must not avoid the psychic and energetic help that massage can provide. It is known that illness and illness are often associated with mood and energy.

It should be mentioned that experts recommend only this type of massage for patients with back pain. It is only in this pathology that Shiatsu Massages has shown proven results.


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8. Positive trampling on the back

Continuing with back pain, there is another type of massage that soothes this type of pain of Asian origin: Thai Massage, a massage that uses the feet to exert strong pressure on the patient.

Studies have shown that Thai massage improves the patient’s stressors by increasing the heart rate and relieving back pain.

9- Nature helps

Massage can not only be your body and body, but you can also use objects that favor the disease you are about to end.

Massage with hot stones to stimulate and regulate vital circulation, hot obsidian is placed on different points of the body to calm the nervous system and release tension.

In addition, this treatment, called Geothermal, oxygenates the skin and gives it a much smoother appearance by improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins.

10. Delicious in every way

Beyond the end of hedonism, chocolate can also be used in massage, bringing a series of benefits to health and skin care. Commonly used by women who transform into human chocolate, chocolate doesn’t stop providing beneficial properties to the skin.

Scientific publications have confirmed that, for example, chocolate baths relax blood vessels, thin the blood, produce insulin, and nourish and harden the skin. The serotonin present in chocolate helps maintain a good mood. Another principle of delivery of chocolate is theobromine, an ingredient that helps burn cellulose and fat.

11. Capillary recliner massage

We are as healthy as when we see ourselves from the outside. A good diet and exercise are necessary to maintain healthy eating, but massage can help in this search.

Capillary massage makes hair grow healthy and gain strength. Increasing blood irrigation of the scalp nourishes the hair and oxidizes the hair follicles.

It is impossible not to mention that capillary massage is an excellent alternative to facial stress and can bring pleasure. Hands and fingers are used in this massage technique to exert friction, pressure, rubbing, percussion, and vibration on the scalp.

12. Massage with shoes

It is true that there is no better exercise for circulation than simple walking. What’s more, doing this simple exercise will allow you to breathe and take into account your surroundings.

Our feet also need rest to stop us. Massage is a good solution for a quick recovery.

Foot massage brings an instant gratifying effect, causes discomfort that the feet can support all the weight of the body, and relaxing treatment controls anxiety and improves blood pressure.

The results of the study showed positive results in lung cancer patients and mothers to whom foot massage was offered, mainly helping to control cravings and significantly reduce pain.

13. Both left and right

Ask them to wipe their other hands with one hand. It is really necessary to know and use the utilities that hand massage offers.

If you suffer from chronic arthritis, it is important to apply massage to touching areas as it helps reduce pain and maintain and improve mobility.

The numerous nerves and tendons in the hand are stiff, helping circulation because they do not reconcile the general mobility of this range.

According to reflexology, the hands perform a truly important function in relation to the connection of the body with all its organs. For example, the left hand is connected to the kidneys, brain, and spine. The right hand on the other hand is related to the liver, small intestine, thyroid gland, and stomach, etc.

This theory argues that applying pressure at different points of the hand and performing a massage will benefit the area or the corresponding organs.

14. Facial massage

This type of massage is useful for finding aesthetic results and state of health. Among the advantages, we find rejuvenation of the skin, anti-wrinkle, refreshes the skin, combat stress, relieves tension on the face, and leaves a feeling of well-being, which promotes good mood and personal balance.

It should be mentioned that reflexology has a “reflex zone”, and the face (nose and ears) together with the feet and hands incorporate this point to give a stimulation.

15. Plenty of rest

Older people need to stimulate their bodies to maintain vitality. Protect your health, relieve anxiety, avoid depression, and restore muscle mobility and flexibility in your joints.

These are some of the benefits that grandparents can enjoy thanks to massage. And it is that older people have to deal with diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and coronary heart disease.

All these illnesses have physical complications and emotional problems that need to be alleviated.

Along with all the above, a professional massage by grandparents called massage for the elderly improves the duration and quality of sleep, reduces pain in chronic diseases such as rheumatism, increases lymph and blood circulation, increases lymph and blood circulation, ulcers in the legs, etc.

Bonus Tips

The use of marijuana oil in massage for daily medical purposes is becoming more important. Studies have shown that the use of this product helps control neurodegenerative diseases. Many countries have amended their laws to make room for the use of cannabis.

Marijuana seed oil massage also has properties that help satisfy skin care and remove fat, helping the existing centers of this kind of massage center around the world.