Yoga Getaway Luggage Allowance Guide

If you’re setting off this summer for a yoga getaway then you will need to know the weight restrictions for your luggage so you don’t have any nasty shocks at the airport.

We have recommended Skyscanner in the past for comparisons of cheap flights. Now they also have this excellent infographic detailing the luggage allowances for the airlines that offer short-haul European flights. See below overview at a glance.

Yoga Getaway Luggage Allowance

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For a yoga getaway that requires a long haul flight, baggage allowances vary depending on class and route. But most will allow in the region of 20kg-32kg. BA for example, allows 23kg on all flights regardless of how long the journey, while Lufthansa allows 23kg for long haul but only 8kg for short haul flights.

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