Get Cheap Train Fares this Christmas

Will you be travelling around Christmas or New Year? – Do you want to find the best cheap train fares?

Travelling around Christmas and New Year can be expensive but instead of forking out huge amounts, you can save money – we’ve done the research for you. Cheap train fares are available, you just have to know where to look.

Did you know you can actually split your journey in half and buy two tickets instead of just one for the whole trip? It’s called split-ticketing and it’s completely within the terms and conditions of train operating companies. Sometimes with split ticketing you will need to change trains, but usually you can stay on the same train and often in the same seat.
For example if you need to travel from London to Manchester, instead of having just one ticket for the whole journey, you have two. You could have one from London to Stoke-On-Trent and one from Stoke-On-Trent to Manchester. As these stops are all on the same line, there’s no need to change trains.

To find split tickets go to or

For longer or overnight journeys within the UK, you can also use an overnight sleeper bus. offers comfortable and inexpensive beds. Wifi, power sockets and refreshments are included and although it’s small and compact, having a comfortable place to sleep for the duration of an overnight journey is all you need.

If you’re looking for train journeys from the UK to Europe or within Europe itself, is a very clear booking website where you can often find cheap train fares. Prices are fixed in Euros and with the current exchange rate this makes it even cheaper. For example a ticket from London to Cologne starts from EUR 59 and takes just a little over four hours.

Another website for travel by boat or train is It has various routes available around the world and although it doesn’t necessarily offer cheap train fares, it has a vast selection of routes – especially for those feeling adventurous – including, for example, London to India by train or Southampton to New York onboard the Queen Mary 2.

The above websites are well worth checking out to find cheap train fares. Once you find the website you like to use it’ll be your go-to place for future travel whether it’s to a yoga retreat or other.

If you are looking for a wellbeing or yoga retreat, Neal’s Yard Holidays has plenty in the UK and Europe.

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