Weak euro: The time is now for European retreats

Along with the announcement of quantitative easing and the ongoing debate over Greece’s Eurozone future, you’ve probably picked up recently on the news of the weak euro.

Indeed, despite some positive news, the Euro recently slumped to its lowest value since the middle of 2010. The fall followed the announcement that the European Central Bank would begin a programme of buying government bonds.

The hard-hitting arguments over Greece’s debt and the pros and cons of the single-currency zone will continue to rage for a while. In the meantime, 2015 has already being heralded as a ‘windfall’ year for British holidaymakers, who can expect to save up to 15% on holidays in Europe. American visitors also stand to benefit substantially from the weak Euro.

So if you’re at all wondering how you can make your holiday savings go further… Well, you could make the most of it by picking a European location for your next wellbeing retreat.

There is evidence already that holidaymakers to Italy and Spain are making the most of the favourable exchange rates, with Greece offering plenty of good deals too. And at Neal’s Yard Holidays there’s no shortage of wellbeing retreats in brilliant European locations to help you make the most of the weak Euro. Getaways to choose from include:

And, with no guarantees that the Euro will continue falling, booking a holiday now would seem prudent. The figures speak for themselves: €500 cost us as little as £375 today, as opposed to £440 just a couple of years ago. So go on, cash in on your ‘continental spending power’ and grab the cheapest holiday season in years by the collar.

With a weak Euro seen as Europe’s chance to regain growth, this could be a win-win for both holiday makers and providers. Watch this space.

By Denny

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