Wellness Trends for 2018: Find out what’s hot

Last year’s wellness trends included the Danish concept of hygge, using coconut oil for pretty much everything and our old friend mindfulness.

This year’s trends focus on food, both as medicine and nutrition, better sleep and an awareness of the environment as we nurture ourselves. Read on for the key wellness trends to watch in 2018.

Nourish yourself and help the world
Protecting the planet will become an integral part of our wellness routines, meaning we help the environment as we help ourselves. Stock up on homegrown healthy foods such as linseeds, broccoli and pumpkin that don’t require air miles. Similarly, include sustainable and health-benefiting crops in their traditional forms such as chickpeas and lentils. This wellness trend goes hand in hand with…

Health and beauty outside and in
Vitamin C, for example, found in berries, sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens such as kale contains strong antioxidants that can help protect you from disease and slow the ageing process. When applied to the skin topically, vitamin C can reduce inflammation, suppress free radical activity and prevent the appearance of visible ageing.

Food used as medicine
Healing spices are increasingly being recognised as healthy alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Turmeric, which has been used in food and Ayurvedic medicine in Eastern cultures for centuries, will continue to be a key wellness trend in 2018. The fragrant golden spice’s anti-inflammatory properties are due to a compound called curcumin and early research has looked into the potential effect of curcumin on a range of conditions from pre-menstrual tension to Alzheimer’s disease. Wellness retreats with a strong focus on nutrition will continue to allow guests to find the best food for their needs.

Benefits of sleep
When public figures such as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Google executive Jonathan Rosenberg admit they couldn’t function as highly as they do without eight hours a night (watch the video below for more on this) sleep becomes highly topical. Bedroom comfort and practices to help sleep range from smart mattresses that analyse REM cycles to sleep trackers but conversely the advice to power down all digital devices well ahead of lights out and using holistic relaxation techniques such as yoga nidra, restorative and yin yoga still remains sound advice. Look out for our upcoming blog on sleep.

Top Google exec shares his secret to a good night’s sleep from CNBC:

Healthy Ageing
Healthy-ageing holidays are also rising in popularity with spa-goers choosing spas and retreats which offer a combination of more pampering treatments such as facials with practices that aid menopause relief, all designed to help slow down the clock. Keeping youthful inside and out is key.

Try Tai Chi
Trend-led website Pinterest noticed a +189% rise in searches for Tai Chi in its top 100 trends for 2018. Naturally, Tai Chi will get more focus thanks to its potential to reduce stress, release pain and create harmony. Here’s a video that shows what this exercise can be like – in harmony with your body and nature.

Many of the wellness trends for 2018 are achievable and sustainable practices which you can find in our retreats.

Joanna Fernandez travel journalist, portrait photo Jo Fernandez is a leading UK travel journalist, with much of her career spent working for the London Evening Standard where she was Travel Editor until 2015. Now a freelance travel journalist and copywriter, she lives in Essex and has one daughter. As a travel expert, she still enjoys jetting off to write travel pieces, with favourite destinations including Mexico, Croatia and, of course, Essex.

By Jo Fernandez

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