Wellness trends in 2017

Wellness trends come and go, but the array of wellness breaks and treatments available range from meaningful experiences to soothe your mind to taking care of your body or pure relaxation.

Technology and wellness
Technology refines and enhances our travel experience, creating a smaller, more accessible world but conversely one that we sometimes want to escape from hence the continued rise of digital detox breaks. Some hotels and spas even have a Smartphone Crèche while some don’t provide Wi-Fi access unless guests request it. Silent spas are a growing trend, from special quiet areas to becoming a noiseless retreat for just one ‘silent’ night.

Eco and sustainable wellness
In our desire to find peace and rejuvenation we don’t just think of ourselves but are also mindful of the environment. Eco and sustainable retreats offer educational eco-forest walks, all-natural spa remedies and healthy organic cuisine from onsite gardens. Personalised Ayurveda treatments have become very popular in Europe, the UK and Asia. Using nutrition, yoga, breathing techniques and meditation means they are naturally kind to both us and the environment.

You are what you eat
So-called clean-eating, in the sense of eating non-processed foods, and less dramatic, more sustainable changes in our eating habits replace extreme detoxes. New-era wellness retreats shy away from the quick-fix drastic measures instead offering healthy cooking classes and organic produce. Specialist diets available at nutrition friendly retreats offer plant-based or meat-free menus, which suit the growing number of vegan or vegetarians among us. For allergy sufferers, yeast-free and sugar-free diets tend to be available, there are even specialist gluten-free retreats.

Come together
And finally, family wellness retreats are a growing and popular trend. Families can bond on relaxing breaks and parents keen to prize iPads and smartphones from their offspring can do so. Increasing numbers of spas, most notably in Europe, offer specific children’s treatments or areas where families can swim, steam and sauna in a safe and family-friendly environment.

And breathe!

Joanna Fernandez travel expert, portrait photoJo Fernandez is a leading UK travel journalist, with much of her career spent working for the London Evening Standard where she was Travel Editor until 2015.
Now a freelance travel journalist and copywriter, she lives in Essex and has one daughter. As a travel expert, she still enjoys jetting off to write travel pieces, with favourite destinations including Mexico, Croatia and, of course, Essex.

By Jo Fernandez

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