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Could going vegan be good for you and the planet?

vegan food in red pot surounded by vegetables

Fancy taking on the vegan challenge?

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  • Free inflight meals could be a thing of the past: is this so bad?

    free Inflight meals

    Would you bring your own food? What are you allowed to take?

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  • My Fabulous Flexitarian Recipe

    A Flexitarian recipe

    Beat the last of the winter blues with my warming flexitarian pumpkin carbonara

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  • Meat Free Monday

    Vegetarian Burgers for Meat Free Monday (c) sarsmis

    Are you a meat eater? How could a meat free Monday improve your health and life on our planet?

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  • Detoxing from Alcohol

    People toastimg with glasses - Detox from Alcohol © MooidArt

    Post festive season could January mark the time to detox from alcohol and become a dryathelete?

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  • Vitamin D – In the spotlight

    Vitamin D. Image: Sunshine over field (c) Pawel Maryanov

    The UK recommendations are set to change later this year. How will it affect you?

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  • Sugar or Fat which is worse?

    Sugar versus fat

    New research reveals that sugar is the ‘new tabacco’. Is it more fattening than fat and worse?

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