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Easy tips for going sugar free

East tips for going sugar free: Meat products like sausages can also contain added sugar

Help, tips and anecdotes for going sugar free and living a little more healthily.

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  • Ayurveda Tip: Drinking Water

    Drinking Water Ayurveda tips

    How to find the right balance when it comes to drinking water.

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  • Detoxing from Alcohol

    People toastimg with glasses - Detox from Alcohol © MooidArt

    Post festive season could January mark the time to detox from alcohol and become a dryathelete?

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  • Have yourself a healthy little Christmas

    healthy Christmas food plate © Anastasia Panai

    Follow these tips and tricks to achieve a healthy Christmas in 2016. It can be done!

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  • Let’s get physical

    Pysical activity people running © YanLev

    Physical activity plays an important role in maintaining your health, but how important is the type of activity you do?

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  • Intermittent Fasting

    fasting with the 5:2 diet

    Find out how intermittent fasting can improve your health.

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  • The number 1 cycling health benefit

    Lady on a bicycle in the sunset

    Can you roll back the years with cycling?

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  • Free EHIC card – cheap healthcare in Europe

    The EHIC card entitles you to free or cheap healthcare in Euope

    Don’t miss out on affordable medical care while you’re away.

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  • Ayurveda tip: Walk the walk

    Ayurveda tip: Walking is a simple way to improve wellbeing

    Find out how to build walking into your everyday routine with our latest Ayurveda tip.

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  • Why gratefulness can make the new year happy

    Gratefulness – a happy person in a field with sunny sky © Oksana Shufrych/Shutterstock

    Tips on practising gratefulness, and why it’s the key to long-lasting happiness.

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