Going away? Don’t forget the travel packing checklist

My grandmother – or a friend, or some wise guy on Facebook – once gave me this travel packing advice: “Always take half as many clothes and twice as much money as you think you’ll need.”

If you’ve heard that one before, you’ll know it’s much harder than it sounds. Much, much harder.

Whether it’s the late-night stuffing of a large cabin bag or the frustration of forgetting your flip-flops and your camera charger, holiday packing is by far the least relaxing thing about going away.

But help is at hand.

One travel packing checklist? Tick

These days there are loads of different ways to keep track of what’s going into your bag. From printable PDF checklists to apps like Packing Pro, you should never have to do it all on your own.

Need a place to start? Here are our favourites:

  1. Her Packing List has a huge range of checklists in the form of itemised web pages. Aimed at female travellers wizzing off to destinations including the Greek islands, Croatia, and Turkey’s Bodrum peninsula. There’s even a yoga-retreat travel packing checklist.
  2. TravelSmith’s packing checklist: download, print, and off you go. Includes toiletries, all the travel essentials, and separate clothes prompts for men and women. Also check out Smarter Travel’s Ultimate packing list. Both are great for all sorts of journeys.
  3. TripList: the self-proclaimed best packing app for iOS lets you create and store checklists for posterity using an items catalogue. Ticking off the items you’ve packed is pretty gratifying, and there’s an added bonus: it’s free.
  4. Pack This: a hard-copy pad with categorised tear-off checklists that will last you a good while. You’ll need £5.95, but it’s been well and truly worth it for this writer.

Deciding what types of things to pack with the help of a travel packing checklist is a major win in the battle of you versus suitcase. But don’t get carried away by that victorious feeling. Remember also to keep the number of items you take as low as possible.

Don’t pack clothes – pack outfits

Clothes are probably the bulkiest family of travel items you’ll be taking along, so take time to get your travel wardrobe right.

Check out Wanderlust and Lipstick’s packing tips for women travels, and heed this advice from blogger Kalyn Nicholson: “The first thing I do is lay out outfits.” – that is, visualise what you’ll wear day to day, rather than thinking about individual clothes items, and that should help you keep volumes down.

We wish you (hopefully at least a little bit) happier packing, and happy travels!

By Denny

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