I never go on holiday without…

Heading off to escape ‘summer’ in the UK? I’m not jealous, I promise. I’m not. In fact – here’s a parting gift of my own handy list of holiday essentials to take when I go away, designed for swift and compact packing that beats budget-airline red tape.

(But really, I’m not jealous at all.)

My top 10 holiday essentials

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  • Top 10 summer retreats in July

    Guaranteed warm weather in much of Europe and beyond, and still a chance to cheat the rush by getting away before schools close… What’s not to like about summer retreats in July?

    And with a great line-up of summer retreats, we’re sure to have the perfect getaway to help you relax – and potentially escape yet another wet July in the UK.

    We give you yoga escapes in the beautiful countryside of the Surrey Hills, creative holidays in Spain, and a variety of detoxing getaways for a fresh start. And among our hand-picked summer retreats in July there’s something for the time-poor as well as those looking for a longer holiday. Dig in!

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  • 5 tips for really flying on a budget

    Affordability is a huge part of an enjoyable holiday. And since holidays invariably start with a journey, we thought it would be a good idea to look into flying on a budget.

    In this blog post we focus on the usual suspects – cheap flights – and how to ensure you’re really flying on a budget. We’ve saved you the leg work and put together some tried and tested tips for keeping travel costs down.

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  • Top 10 June summer retreats

    When summer gets going, the warmer sun and longer days help wellbeing retreats across the UK and Europe really come into their own. June summer retreats are some of the best.

    Home-grown destinations have so much to offer. Whether it’s Ayurveda massages in Wales or yoga in Somerset, there are plenty of June summer retreats where you can immerse yourself in peaceful seclusion.

    June is also perfect for European getaways. With the more expensive school-holiday season yet to start, you could make your hard-earned cash go a long way on June summer retreats in France or Spain.

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  • Where to go on holiday in May 2016

    Are you looking for a short break, or retreat to recharge this spring? A holiday in May means you can make use of the bank holidays!

    May bank holidays always fall on the first and the last Monday in May, in 2016 that’s Monday 2 May and Monday 30 May (Spring bank holiday).

    Here’s our selection of where to go on holiday in May. Places where you can go alone without being alone, from yoga retreats to creative breaks. Read more…

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  • Why detox? – Here’s what you need to consider

    Have you ever been asked why detox? Do we need to detox occasionally?

    A friend recently asked why detox, surely that’s what my liver does for me? I replied yes, and so do your lungs, kidneys and skin. Of course it depends what we demand of our body. Does it sometimes need a little extra help? We give our car a yearly MOT and change its oil from time to time, but do we afford the same care to our body? Read more…

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  • Looking for the perfect Easter retreat? Look no more…

    We know, we know… It’s not quite Pancake Day yet, and here we are, posting ideas for an Easter retreat.

    But then that’s how we’re wired over here at Neal’s Yard Holidays. Always looking ahead for the next bank holiday and the next chance to get away. And we figured we’re not that different from anyone else, so if we’re thinking about going on an Easter retreat then you might be too.

    And what’s more the Easter weekend is early this year, 25-28 March, so planning your Easter retreat now is a good idea. Get your booking in and make the most of those bank holidays. Here are our tips for:

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  • Give a little love with a Valentine’s wellbeing retreat

    What better way to show yourself or a loved one that you care than the gift of wellbeing this Valentine? Have you considered a Valentine’s wellbeing retreat for rejuvenation? Read more…

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  • 5 simple steps to Ayurvedic Christmas at home – Part II

    In the second part of our blog dedicated to spreading Ayurvedic Christmas spirit, we move away from indulging ourselves to indulging others.

    And we reserve a spot for that less popular of Christmas pastimes – keeping fit, in both body and mind. So that you can start the new year with a spring in your step, rather than sluggishly roll into the office. We know. We’ve been there.

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  • 5 simple steps to Ayurvedic Christmas at home – Part I

    Think Christmas is all about waiting for the top button of your trousers to pop while you lounge out in a mince-pie coma, completely oblivious to day and night?

    We know you’re smarter than that. So smart, in fact, that you long ago planned your wellbeing Christmas escape, leaving behind the festive hustle and bustle.

    But even if a wellbeing getaway doesn’t materialise for you this winter, you can still make sure Christmas is wholesome, recharging, and enhances your wellbeing.

    How? Well, as is so often the case, we look to Ayurveda for the answer. And if you can’t come to Ayurveda, then let Ayurveda come to you – with five easy steps brought to you in this two-part blog post. Read more…

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