Windowless Aeroplanes Mean Faster Flights to Yoga Retreats but Would you Fly in One?

There’s good news for those who like to travel and escape the daily routine to various yoga retreats.

It looks like flying in the future could become a lot faster thanks to US-based Spike Aerospace, which is building aeroplanes without windows.

But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see what’s going on outside. – How? Instead of windows, thin screens will be embedded in the walls of the aircrafts, which will display a live, panoramic view, sent from cameras attached to the outside of the plane. Passengers will be able to dim the screens or change the display to a stored image.

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  • Where to go for January retreats

    Don’t let the winter blues get you! Read our tips on where to go for January retreats.

    January is a great month to travel. There are plenty of deals and cheap flights to be found – whether you’re looking for well-deserved sunshine and pure relaxation, or want help with your New Year’s resolutions.

    Many of the Neal’s Yard Holidays and retreats offer detox programmes, so you’ll be able to rid yourself of festive excess and return home feeling well prepared for yet another year. Read more…

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  • Last minute Christmas Retreats

    Want to get away from it all this Christmas? It may not be too late. Here is Neal’s Yard Holidays’ handpicked list of last minute Christmas retreats.

    It happens to the most organised of us. We start off with the best intentions to book our Christmas holiday early this year. Then, before we now it, it’s upon us and all the best places are booked up. But it may not be too late… availability can be subject to change and it’s worth double checking.

    While most of our long-haul holidays are indeed now full, there are still some other options for a last minute Christmas or New Year retreats, especially if you’re happy to stay closer to home.

    For more inspiration see also our overview of other holistic holidays. Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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  • Where to go for February retreats

    Wondering where to go for a retreat in February?
    Here is our handpicked selection of the best holistic holidays for the month.

    By February, the cold weather and short days are starting to catch up with most of us. Time to head for warmer pastures and stock up on some much needed winter sun. Both South and Southeast Asia are ideal destinations for this time of year – warm and sunny, but not too hot yet.

    In fact the destinations are so popular for winter sun that it’s advisable to book before mid December or as soon as possible.

    If a long-haul holiday is out of the question, there’s always the option for a short-break in the UK. A weekend of detox, yoga or meditation will leave you rejuvenated whatever the weather. Read more…

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  • Where to go for November retreats

    Is the thought of dark, wet November days getting you down?
    Want to recharge your batteries before winter with relaxing November retreats?

    It’s the time to grab a winter holiday in the sun – and avoid high-season fares and rates.  Or just treat yourself to a rejuvenating weekend retreat in the UK. Here’s a choice of November retreats handpicked by Neals Yard Holidays. Read more…

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  • Where to go for Christmas retreats

    Looking for winter sun and where to go for Christmas?
    Here is a selection of our Best Christmas Retreats.

    Christmas always seems like a long way off and then suddenly catches up with us. If you want to swap the festive stress and cold weather with a rejuvenating retreat of yoga and warm sunshine this year, there’s no time to waste. Some of our most popular Neal’s Yard Holidays retreats are already full, and many others will get booked up by mid-October.

    If you are tied to a Christmas at home, or only have a few days to spare – not to worry. We’ve also got some lovely short breaks on offer, right here in the UK. So you can still escape for a relaxing and rejuvenating few days before the start of the new year. Read more…

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  • Where to go on holiday in October

    Looking for a holiday in October? – In some places it’s not autumn yet!
    Recharge with a holiday in October before the cold sets in.

    October is a great month for a holiday. You can catch the last of the summer warmth in the Mediterranean with average temperatures still around a comfortable 25 or 26 degrees Celsius, and the sea has warmed up during the summer. The crowds will be gone, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even have a beach to yourself. Read more…

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  • Where to go on holiday in August for yoga retreats plus

    THE holiday month of the year, August!  Time to cool off and get away from it all on a wellness holiday or revitalising yoga retreats.

    To feel spoilt for choice, check out our “Where to go on holiday in August”.

    The whole Mediterranean basin – as well as our own sceptred isle – is ringed by wonderful yoga and activity retreats this August: here are just some of our favourites.

    Let’s start with a Spanish Island. On the Canaries, you can enjoy Azul’s mix of yoga, pilates and surf holidays set inland against the dramatic volcanic backdrop of Fuerteventura; or enjoy beauty and massage treatments after being pummelled by the surf with their beachside option.

    From the UK hop across the Channel to France, near Toulouse, peaceful La Roane offers top value for yoga and creativity holidays. Located in a nature lovers’ paradise, with its own swimming pool and award-winning chef, it’s a real treat.

    Perhaps you’re ready for something really off the beaten track, but still in Europe?

    For many, though, it’s the Greek Islands for yoga retreats – with their simple beauty and lifestyle – warmed by brilliant sunshine, yet cooled by the “meltemi” sea breezes. See our wide choice of Greek holidays.

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  • Where to go in July for yoga retreats plus

    Are you still wondering where to go on holiday in July? Where to go for yoga retreats or other activity or wellbeing holidays?

    You’ve come to the right address. Just check out our choice of where to go on holiday in July.

    We reckon it’s the perfect time to get away, before the school holidays and summer rush.

    July’s the best time of year to laze on a Greek island, where the temperature at the moment is in the 70sF and 80sF (21 to 26C). There’s quite a selection of Greek island holidays.

    Feel like going further afield? You can join WildQuest for a magical-sounding “Full Moon Dolphin swim retreat”. Ahh, those warm Caribbean waters…

    Sounds a bit too hot for you? Now that the sun is making its appearance at long last in Britain, there are loads of wonderful retreats and  holidays right here. Check out these empowering Life Coaching and Wellbeing Retreats in North Yorkshire.

    If you need to relax, but don’t have much time, we recommend a weekend ‘wellness getaway’ in East Sussex. After your yoga or meditation, you can wander across the beautiful Sussex Downs – and Arundel even has its own Proms Season in July!

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  • Cheap travel health insurance? Top tips for quick find

    Do you want to find a good yet cheap travel health insurance, and quickly?

    Are you covered for your trip by a good yet cheap travel health insurance?

    What do I need to look out for when acquiring travel insurance? What’s a good and cheap travel health insurance to cover my needs? And how can I find it quickly?

    In the current economic climate and also the apparent climate change there can be unexpected occurrences from financial failure of airlines to extreme weather, e.g. storms. Just think back to the volcanic ash cloud and it’s effects on travel plans in Europe. There are a few travel insurance companies that will also cover you for those eventualities.

    Even if you are travelling anywhere within the UK (or your home country) if you paid for any ticket, accommodation, activity holiday or retreat you may like to be covered by the best travel insurance e.g in case of floods or any natural disaster, so that you can claim back any money.

    If before now you haven’t considered getting travel insurance when embarking on your trip or think you will simply be insured by paying for your holiday with your credit card, you may like to think again. Not all credit card companies still provide automatic money back insurance, you may like to check with your bank. It’s advisable to get covered before you travel, ideally when you buy your ticket or take the risk of loosing your deposits.

    These days most people use price comparison sites where you can request some of your criteria to narrow down your choice and find the cheapest insurance. It’s a good start, though bear in mind that not all insurance providers are included. It’s always highly recommend you read the ‘small print’ carefully and check reviews of your selected providers – to fast track this process we’ve done some leg work for you and compiled a quick checklist for travel insurance essentials.

    7 Top Tips – Quick checklist to cover the essentials of your travel insurance:

    Make sure you…
    1) acquire a comprehensive travel AND medical insurance
    e.g. some insurance companies will cover for financial failure including scheduled flights and accommodation, either as standard, or as an optional extra. AND don’t lie about your medical history you may end up paying for it.

    2) your policy covers you for all the activities you want to undertake
    e.g. yoga, sports etc.

    3) your policy covers you for any natural disasters
    e.g. covering claims resulting from closure of airspace due to volcanic ash. Some insurance companies are treating volcanic ash clouds as a “weather related” event. Read more…

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