Why detox? – Here’s what you need to consider

Have you ever been asked why detox? Do we need to detox occasionally?

A friend recently asked why detox, surely that’s what my liver does for me? I replied yes, and so do your lungs, kidneys and skin. Of course it depends what we demand of our body. Does it sometimes need a little extra help? We give our car a yearly MOT and change its oil from time to time, but do we afford the same care to our body?

Looking back, peoples around the world have traditionally allocated times during the year to cleanse themselves physically and spiritually. In northern climes, Spring has long been synonymous with detoxing after stodgy winter food. Religions have linked fasting to creating a higher spiritual awareness – from Hindu Ayurvedic Pancha Karma (physical elimination) to Native American purification rituals (sweat lodges, fasting), to the Christian Lent fast.

You might think that was OK then, but what about the 21st century? Why detox today? So much of what we eat has been chemically grown, prepared, or processed, and is very likely to be laden with sugar and salt. In fact, the average westerner’s diet is richer than ever before in history. This can place a strain on our digestive system and major organs.

In addition we tend to get into habits of eating the same foods year round because they are readily available. This means we do not eat food only when it’s in season, and therefore we don’t maintain a certain variety. The Swiss German physician Paracelsus said: (“Alles ist Gift, nur die Menge macht’s.”)

“Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison.
The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.”

Basically, don’t overdo it on any one food, herb, spice or even superfood! There is strength in variety. Our body can get burdened and laden with toxins unless we manage to maintain good variety and balance in our diet. – Easier said than done in our busy lives!

So why detox? What does cleansing offer us? It supports the elimination of toxins from our system and improves health and wellbeing. Apparently detoxing can strengthen our immune system, help prevent illness, support weight loss, and slow premature aging. In addition detoxing can help us be more alert mentally, increase energy levels and improve our skin quality.

There are those, such as Dr Terry Wahl, who claim that detoxing has changed, if not saved, their lives. Listen to her story of recovery from MS through a cleansing diet (17min video).

There are many more who claim that in the 21st century there are very good reasons for all of us to consider detoxing combined with a healthier lifestyle. Consider this, in the USA 1 in 2 adults are pre-diabetic/have Type 2 diabetes. According to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Type 2 diabetes can be prevented with the right diet and exercise. Eliminating certain foods and a diet that helps the body to cleanse are improving health and wellbeing.

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By Joanna

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