Digital Detox holidays – Can you switch off?

Can you switch off? – Have you tried a digital detox?

STOP PRESS: This still continues to be a hot topic.
Since publishing this blog we had been interviewed by Grazia magazine about silent retreats and the need to switch off from technology. Their article was published in print in September.
Digital detox and silent retreats seem to be the latest travel trend. – Sainsbury’s magazine also contacted us and published their article in print in their October issue.

Here’s our blog on this hot topic:

Going on holiday is meant to be just that – a holiday. It’s time away from the mundane, from everything we would normally do. But for most people, we still don’t completely switch off from our lives back home.

On Facebook we often see people ‘check-in’ on holiday. On Twitter, we see endless tweets of people telling us about what they’re getting up to, and on Instagram we see the photo evidence of the fun they’re having.

Using social media, checking emails or listening to voicemails while on holiday doesn’t allow us to switch off. Sometimes we want to, but with our smartphones glued to us, it’s difficult to do, especially when sharing a photo or a tweet is so easy.

Have we become addicted to our relative newly formed habit? Doesn’t the use of our gadgets sometimes get in the way of our immediate experience of where we are and the person we are with?
So why do it? Spending hundreds or even thousands on a holiday is not worth it if you check your phone at every opportunity because you may miss things.

What are digital detox holidays?

For people who truly want to switch off and get away from their everyday lives, there are digital detox holidays available. This type of holiday means leaving your phones and tablets behind, or keeping them locked up safely in your chosen retreat. There is no wifi and there’s no ability to connect, except to connect with yourself and nature instead.  This can make for a healing and nourishing holiday in itself.

A digital detox allows us to simply enjoy the moments we experience and takes away the pressure of sharing everything online. Taking away the ability to check emails can mean you forget about work completely and not feel guilty for it. Disconnecting from this technology can allow us to just ‘be.’

There’s no need to be on your phone while on holiday because the whole point is to take a break from your routine. Having the need to always be connected to the online world is unhealthy and can stop you from enjoying what’s around you.

Give your eyes a rest from screens and give your minds a break from thinking about work, news, what the online word is saying because, while you’re on holiday, none of it matters. Instead, lock your phone away somewhere safe and take a regular camera out and about. Upload photos to your online profiles when you get home.

Digital detox holidays available

You don’t need to go far to switch off, even mobile phone reception can be tricky in South Wales at this Ayurveda and Yoga retreat. Or in tropical Sri Lanka  you need to climb onto sunset rock (8 min walk) to get reception for your mobile, or cycle to the nearby village for wifi, making it much easier to drop your gadgets, including your watch. Then you can breathe a sigh of relief, just go with the flow, and live in the here and now!

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