A detox retreat can help you feel rejuvenated

It’s normal to eat and drink to our heart’s content over Christmas and New Year. But come January, most of us want to cleanse our bodies of the damage and be healthier again. One way to do this is to go on a detox retreat.

Chef Heston Blumenthal recently went to Bali where he spent four days on a detox retreat to recover from …‘exhaustion’…

He lost 8lbs and said it was ‘amazing.’ He also enjoyed yoga and meditation. You can read about his adventure here.

Some detox retreats will offer only juices and vegetable broth whereas others will allow raw food or a specially prepared cuisine. Detoxing has a number of benefits. Many people who have been on a detox retreat have reported that they lost weight, their skin improved, niggling infections or ailments disappeared and their sleep improved.

A detox can also remove harmful toxins from the bloodstream, boost energy levels and give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. When your body takes a break from digesting solid food, the unused energy can be spent repairing cells and creating new ones – vital for a healthy body.

Many detox retreats offer yoga, meditation, massage and other relaxing activities to complement the detox, so your body can focus on healing itself rather than fighting the effects of stress.

Detox retreat availability

Neal’s Yard Holidays offers a number of detox retreats to help you cleanse your body and be healthier, happier and more energised.

There is this detox retreat in Sussex where you can make the most of a detox programme to cleanse your body. They also serve cleansing food and activities include yoga, meditation, and swimming. Stay in a beautiful 19th century converted barn with an indoor swimming pool.

For something far away, we have this beautiful detox retreat in Sri Lanka. Here you can detox with a specially prepared local and organic cuisine including juices, teas, yoghurt, breads, yams, congee and special ‘green soup’ prefect for digestion, vegetarian or fish meals and fruit and vegetables. The detox retreat also offers Ayurveda treatments such as face and body massages, herbal and steam baths and body wraps. Participate in yoga, meditation and Tai Chi to help you relax and clear your mind.

We have many more detox retreats available, just visit this page.

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