Ayurveda Tip: Drinking Water

According to Ayurveda there’s actually an art to drinking water to make sure your body gets the most out of it.

Drinking water in big gulps and chugging it down will mean that most of it does not get absorbed or it may drain important salts from your body. Drinking too much water is actually not good for you. Instead, it’s important to sip water throughout the day at a steady rate. Here are some Ayurveda tips to get you started and find the right balance.

 Ayurveda tips for drinking water

  •  Sit down to drink
  •  Take small sips
  •  Sip throughout the day
  •  Do not drink too much during meals
  •  Avoid drinking water straight after a meal
  •  Drink warm water
  •  Drink a glass of warm water upon waking
  •  Sip hot water for a hot water detox
  •  Ensure you do not get dehydrated
  •  Drink when you’re thirsty

Drinking warm and hot water has long been a practice in Ayurveda. Sipping it between meals can help flush out toxins and prevent digestive problems. It is also known to enhance the radiance of the skin and calm skin conditions.

Warm or hot water helps to combat fatigue and balance the energy in your body. Cold water can slow digestion but warm or hot water can do the opposite and help nutrients be absorbed more easily.

Adding herbs and spices to water can help rejuvenate and help digestion. Both Fennel and ginger have been used to calm and settle the stomach. Basil leaves, mint leaves, cumin, lemon and rose buds can also be added to help balance your body with the three doshas.

We’re advised to drink 1.5 litres or eight glass of water a day. According to Ayurveda, the amount of water we should drink depends on many factors. There is no one-size-fits-all.
Depending on age, weather, workload and diet, the amount of water we should consume varies. But a good rule of thumb is to drink every time you’re thirsty, and continue to sip water throughout the day.

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