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Easy tips for going sugar free

East tips for going sugar free: Meat products like sausages can also contain added sugar

Help, tips and anecdotes for going sugar free and living a little more healthily.

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  • Fermentation – What are the health benefits?

    Fermentation of food in glass jars with cabbage and carrots

    A new focus on the health benefits of fermentation highlights how ‘good’ bacteria can contribute to a healthy digestive system, and body and mind.

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  • Desk Yoga Poses: Time to Refresh

    desk yoga poses © Marcin Balcerzak

    Yoga poses you can do at your desk will help relieve stress and stiffness.

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  • How To Sleep Better

    woman sleeping in bed

    Do you have trouble sleeping? Take the test to see if you are getting enough and discover the best food and drink to soothe you to sleep and the best yoga and bedroom practices

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  • Dark chocolate health benefits

    dark chocolate splash - crown shaped

    How about making your own healthy dark chocolate Easter eggs? Check the simple recipes.

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  • Could going vegan be good for you and the planet?

    vegan food in red pot surounded by vegetables

    Fancy taking on the vegan challenge?

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  • Meat Free Monday

    Vegetarian Burgers for Meat Free Monday (c) sarsmis

    Are you a meat eater? How could a meat free Monday improve your health and life on our planet?

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  • Ayurveda Tip: Drinking Water

    Drinking Water Ayurveda tips

    How to find the right balance when it comes to drinking water.

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  • Detoxing from Alcohol

    People toastimg with glasses - Detox from Alcohol © MooidArt

    Post festive season could January mark the time to detox from alcohol and become a dryathelete?

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  • Have yourself a healthy little Christmas

    healthy Christmas food plate © Anastasia Panai

    Follow these tips and tricks to achieve a healthy Christmas in 2016. It can be done!

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