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Yoga holidays in Greece

Mykonos beach, boats and village in Greece

Experience island-hopping in Greece

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  • Digital Detox holidays – Can you switch off?

    digital detox - smart phone in hand

    Completely switch off and give your mind a break with our digital detox holidays

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  • Green Holidays and volunteering holidays

    Green holidays and volunteering holidays

    Take a look at our green holidays and how each one of us can play our role with our green travel tips.

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  • Ayurveda Tips for Better Health

    Ayurveda tips for health

    Try these Ayurveda routines to feel more energised throughout the day.

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  • Make your Next Holiday a Yoga Retreat

    Your first yoga retreat with Neals Yard Holidays c Ditty_about_summer adapted

    If you’re wondering what a yoga retreat is like, read this blog.

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  • Yoga Holidays in Europe are Good for your Health

    Yoga retreats in the sun

    Top up your vitamin D with these sunny yoga holidays in Europe.

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  • Yoga Retreat Skin Cancer Warning

    Avoid skin cancer, sunburnt back and shoulder

    Watch out for these skin cancer risks this summer.

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  • Yoga Getaway Luggage Allowance Guide

    Holiday luggage with sunhat and sunlotions

    Find out the luggage allowance for your airline.

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  • Improve Health and Wellbeing and Enjoy a Holiday Too

    Woman jumping into the air by the beach

    Take advantage of our summer offers to improve your wellbeing.

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  • Our hand-picked Health Retreats for Swimming

    Swimming in the sea

    Do you love swimming in the sea, at a private beach, in a lake, or watching dolphins?

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