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Ayurveda Tip: Drinking Water

Drinking Water Ayurveda tips

How to find the right balance when it comes to drinking water.

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  • Tai Chi Retreats Europe

    Tai Chi retreats Europe

    Tai Chi requires only little flexibility to start with. It’s motto is ‘least effort, most effective’. Could it be for you?

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  • Cheap Air Tickets for Spring and Summer

    Cheap Flight Tickets

    Discover the formula to get cheap plane tickets

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  • Your wellbeing holiday this spring or summer


    Find your next wellbeing holiday for spring or summer here

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  • Mindfulness can help you de-stress this Christmas

    Mindfulness holidays

    Practise mindfulness for a less stressful Christmas

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  • Ayurveda Tips for Good Digestion

    Pomegrantes for good digestion

    Follow these simple Ayurveda tips for healthy digestion

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  • A detox retreat can help you feel rejuvenated

    Refreshing and rejuvenating vegetable juices

    A detox retreat can make you feel rejuvenated and clear-headed.

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  • Get Cheap Train Fares this Christmas

    Cheap train travel tips by Neal's Year Holidays

    You’ll be surprised what you can save.

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  • Do you look for silence on retreat?

    Silent retreats

    Is a silent retreat right for you?

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  • Half term retreats – where will you be relaxing?

    walking holiday group overlooking the Mediterranean sea

    Treat yourself to a half-term getaway

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