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5 Top Wellness Travel Trends 2020

Woman floating in blue water

The focus is on improving key aspects of our health and wellbeing.

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  • Fermentation – What are the health benefits?

    Fermentation of food in glass jars with cabbage and carrots

    A new focus on the health benefits of fermentation highlights how ‘good’ bacteria can contribute to a healthy digestive system, and body and mind.

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  • Desk Yoga Poses: Time to Refresh

    desk yoga poses © Marcin Balcerzak

    Yoga poses you can do at your desk will help relieve stress and stiffness.

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  • Sound Therapy: What can it do for you?

    sound therapy for deep meditation and relaxation

    Sound therapy can help physical illness as well as help balance the emotions and quieten a busy mind.

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  • Lithium batteries on planes: 8 tips on how to travel safely with batteries

    Smart phone lithium battery being charged

    How to stay safe when travelling with lithium batteries on planes

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  • Summer Retreat Offers

    summer retreat offers: woman with sunhat and arms outstretched, enjoyng the expansive at summer beach © Sergey Novikov

    Our summer retreat offers include yoga, meditation, vegetarian or vegan food, among scenic countryside. Up to £100 off retreats in the UK and Europe, plus exclusive offers.

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  • Retreats in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    coastal view of beach and island in Wales ©USp Neals Yard Holidays

    Discover the energising effects of nature, especially in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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  • Rural Retreats in the UK

    Rural retreats where you relax in hot tub with view of countryside in Yorkshire

    Discover how connecting with nature nurtures us and brings multiple health benefits.

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  • How To Sleep Better

    woman sleeping in bed

    Do you have trouble sleeping? Take the test to see if you are getting enough and discover the best food and drink to soothe you to sleep and the best yoga and bedroom practices

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  • International Women’s Day

    Women embracing by tree for International Women's Day

    This global celebration of women’s rights across the globe and has never been more relevant than today.

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