Wellness Yoga Retreats, Ibiza, Spain

"You are one of the most inspirational teachers. I will see you for the third time soon. Thank you for making our holiday so special." More reviews.

Wellness Yoga Retreats, Ibiza, Spain
Location Ibiza, Spain
Open Selected dates between March and October
Activities Yoga and wellbeing
Prices single rooms available
Ideal for Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness - Nutrition - Swimming - Excursions - Solo travellers

This retreat is currently not on offer, though there is another retreat in Ibiza.


The villa is surrounded by woodland and greenery, yet only 10 minutes walk from quaint Santa Eularia town, Mediterranean seaside and the beach. Nearest public transport (bus) in Santa Eularia, 10 minutes walk to the villa.
Located close to Santa Eularia town, about 20 minutes drive from Ibiza airport.

Activities and Prices

Dynamic yoga and mindfulness, pranayama (breath work) and other wellness practises including aqua yoga, Pilates, Hatha and restorative yoga, yoga nidra, nature hikes, clifftop meditation, variety of workshops in self-care, nutrition, asana clinics, art, music/kirtan, circle of trust, manifestation… Excursions and trips to experience Ibiza. Dedicated therapists on site.

For dates see above web link, or check availability or phone.

Accommodation and Food

Five spacious bedrooms, 100% linen (flax) bedlinen, complimentary organic vegan toiletries, air conditioning. Therapy room, swimming pool, relaxation areas, vegetable garden and orchard with lemon and orange trees.

Food: Vegetarian, locally grown produce, vegan food and special diets are catered for. All meals are cooked fresh on the premises by dedicated chefs. An in-house nutritionist is present at many retreats.


Child policy

Children of all ages welcome for Family Wellness Retreats where child care is included.
Other retreats are adults only due to the nature of the programmes.

Green footprint

What can I do?
See our 10 top tips on green travel - how to make your stay more enjoyable & better for the environment. Consider offsetting your car, train or plane journey via the charity PureTrust.org.uk.

How ethical is the holiday?

- Acts with respect, honesty and fairness towards guests and staff
- Employs locals
- Fosters real relationships between guests and locals and ensures that the local community benefits
- Supports local animal welfare groups and animal sanctuary.

How environmentally-friendly is the holiday?
- Produces some of their own green energy
- Collects rainwater for use in gardens and uses water saving devices
- Uses a green energy company and has A-rated appliances
- Recycles all recyclable waste
- Composts organic waste
- Uses eco-friendly cleaning products
- Grow their own vegetables and fruit. Rescue hens are providing eggs.


"A little slice of heaven - wish I was there. The week of classes with you recently was so beneficial. A total tonic as were you!" - Frida G.

"You are one of the most inspirational teachers - what a life story, it is material for a book. I will see you for the third time soon. Thank you for making our holiday so special."

"The yoga was excellent. Opale´s teaching was incredibly thorough, precise and reflected her years of study and practice. She was also really attentive to everybody's level, ability and needs. I came back having learnt so much and have passed many of her techniques onto my own students." -  Kelly

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