Wellbeing and Writing Retreats, Skyros, Greece

"Skyros is a unique and special experience. The location is amazing, the staff genuinely welcoming, the teachers amongst the best I have ever experienced. Truly unforgettable." Sue. More guest reviews.

Wellbeing and Writing Retreats, Skyros, Greece
Location Skyros village, Skyros island, Greece
Open July - September
Activities Art, writing, health and wellbeing
Prices From £675 pp hb twin share room for 7 nights, single rooms available
Ideal for Art - Writing - Yoga - Wellbeing - Singing - Massages - Coaching - Excursions - Vegetarian - Vegan - Solo travellers
Contact > For dates see their website
> Ring UK 01983 865 566

Offer Mention Neal’s Yard Holidays upon booking to receive £50 discount if you’re new to Skyros.

Skyros Centre: Skyros offers a choice of two centres in Greece: Atsitsa Bay and the Skyros Centre. The Skyros Centre is an adult-only, creative, wellness retreat and the original home of Skyros holidays. Choose from writing, art and wellbeing courses and also enjoy singing and yoga classes each day.


High up in the hillside, the Skyros Centre is shaded by fig and pomegranate trees and has a panoramic view of the valley and Aegean. Long, sandy beaches are nearby. Fly to Athens and take the domestic flight with Aegean Airlines to Skyros island (SKU).

Activities and Prices

Choose from three in-depth courses with leading facilitators: health and wellbeing, art or writing. Choose on arrival or secure in advance. Morning and afternoon yoga and singing classes are available to all. The holiday includes a visit to the museum and monastery and opportunities for excursions on free days.

Price: from £675 for 7 nights inclusive of breakfast, lunch (sometimes dinner instead), twin shared accommodation and courses. Single upgrades available. Excludes flights and transfers.
Single rooms are available for a supplement of £190 for week-long holidays, or £350 for fortnights.

For dates or to check availability see above web link, or phone.

Accommodation and Food

Stay locally in traditional Skyrian rooms or a beach location apartment. Single rooms are available for a supplement of £190 for week-long holidays and £350 for fortnights.

Food: Sumptuous Mediterranean buffets with all dietary requirements catered for.

Child policy

Adults only on retreat.

Green footprint

What can I do?
See our 10 top tips on green travel - how to make your stay more enjoyable & better for the environment. Consider offsetting your car, train or plane journey via the charity AtmosFair.de

How ethical is the holiday?
- Acts with respect, honesty and fairness towards guests and staff
- Fosters real relationships between guests and locals and ensures that the local community benefits
- A Skyros fund provides fuel for schools in winter, supplies for the clinic and also funding for local animal charities.

How environmentally-friendly is the holiday?
- Provides some of their own green energy
- Collects rainwater for use in gardens and uses water saving devices
- Recycles all recyclable waste
- Composts organic waste
- Uses eco-friendly cleaning products


"Skyros is wonderful as ever. The authenticity of facilitators and staff, welcoming to everyone. The environment is magical. We all changed for the better." J.S.

"Writing session was OUTSTANDING and I came away with a big smile on my face.” Catherine

"Joyful Living Course: Would reccomend this course to every human being. Life changing week in a loving and supportive community of like minded people." Finola

"What can I say? The best holidays ever. Thank you Skyros Holidays, for all you have done for me over the years. I’m so glad you exist. With love to you all." G.M.

"The courses were very inspirational and enjoyable, thought-provoking and energising. Excellent facilitators and trainers." D.J.

Ample meals with lots of fresh salad and vegetables etc. Plenty of variety too. Lovely chef, so enthusiastic - especially the way she said 'Bravo' when you had a second helping." G.W.

Demos and community meetings helped to create a beautiful and loving community. It is a part of the experience of being here and so much more happens than a writing workshop." D.R.

Vasso is a fantastic chef and her food was filled with love and healthy vibes. The food was varied, flavourful and a true testament to Greek culture." M.W.

My Skyros Centre holiday has been two weeks of learning many new hobbies, meeting fascinating people, indulging my body and mind in an immersive Greek experience and completely removing me from life at home for two amazing weeks of fun. I have discovered passions I didn’t know I had." R.C.C.

"The best holiday I’ve had in years - I’ll be back." L.A.

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