Seaside Holistic Holidays, Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece

"Being at Atsitsa has helped me. I have gained insight, tools, friends, memories, courage - all sorts. I highly recommend. If you are thinking of doing it - do it." - Sheila. More reviews.

Seaside Holistic Holidays, Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece
Location Atsitsa, Skyros island, Greece
Open June to September
Activities Multi-activity retreat, including yoga, writing, windsurfing
Prices From £675 pp fb twin share room for 7 nights, single rooms available
Ideal for Yoga - Mindfulness - Writing - Painting - Photography - Dancing - Singing - Coaching - Comedy - Windsurfing - Massages - Vegetarian - Vegan - Solo travellers
Contact > For dates see their website
> Ring UK 01983 865 566

Offer Mention Neal’s Yard Holidays upon booking to receive £50 discount if you’re new to Skyros.

Skyros Atsitsa: Skyros offers a choice of two centres in Greece: Atsitsa Bay and the Skyros Centre. Atsitsa is a lively holistic holiday right by the sea. It's an ideal place to try something new, discover new talents and meet a wonderful variety of interesting people. Activities include yoga, writing and more.


Skyros is an island of outstanding natural beauty in the Sporades group of islands. Atsitsa Bay is right on the coast in the North West of the island. Fly to Athens and take the domestic flight with Aegean Airlines to Skyros island (SKU).

Activities and Prices

With eight leading facilitators per week, there is an abundance of courses and activities to choose from including yoga, mindfulness, writing, art, painting, mosaics, photography, kayaking, windsurfing, abseiling, comedy, coaching, singing, dance and more. Choose your courses when you’re there. Treatments are also available and local excursions on free days.

Price: from £675 for 7 nights inclusive of all meals, twin shared accommodation and all courses and activities. (Accommodation upgrades available). Excludes flights and transfers.

For dates or to check availability see above web link, or phone.

Accommodation and Food

Most people choose to stay in rustic huts in Atsitsa’s lush gardens. Or go for single occupancy of a hut or upgrade to a twin room in the stone house subject to availability.

Food: Sumptuous Mediterranean buffets with all dietary requirements catered for.

Child policy

Families are welcome during school holidays and childcare is available during the main course periods. Children receive 50% discount.

Green footprint

What can I do?
See our 10 top tips on green travel - how to make your stay more enjoyable & better for the environment. Consider offsetting your car, train or plane journey via the charity

How ethical is the holiday?
- Acts with respect, honesty and fairness towards guests and staff
- Fosters real relationships between guests and locals and ensures that the local community benefits
- A Skyros fund provides fuel for schools in winter, supplies for the clinic and also funding for local animal charities.

How environmentally-friendly is the holiday?
- Produces some of their own green energy
- Collects rainwater for use in gardens and uses water-saving devices
- Recycles all recyclable waste
- Composts organic waste
- Uses eco-friendly cleaning products


"An amazing experience that can be as active or chilled as you choose. Far exceeded expectations and the community was friendly and open." Lesley

"I just love it all, which is why I have been on a Skyros holiday at least 10 times. Thank you.” Kate

"A holiday to remember and repeat. It combines learning and hedonism in a totally enjoyable package." Nigel

"One of the best holidays I've been on. I would come back in a heartbeat. Such a beautiful and magical place." Ollie

"I have never laughed so much whilst also learning a lot about myself. I feel I have woken up and will pass on a very strong recommendation to those I know to book up." Terry

"The courses exceeded all my expectations, even the comedy sessions that I hadn’t planned! The facilitators were so inspiring, I discovered skills I never knew I had." L.A.

"I came here exhausted and depleted. A 2-week stay at Atsitsa Bay has restored me so I am floating home. The crystal sea and deep blue sky, vivid memories imprinted of new friends and a renewed love of community and sharing. A fantastic return visit." J.H.

"It's a really inspirational place with a warm heart, caring philosophy and playfulness. Thank you." Sue

"For me, being in a hut is an important part of the 'Atsitsa' experience - it brings you closer to nature." Amy

"I'm so impressed with the breadth and depth of the courses. I have learnt so much in a relatively short time while having a wonderful time. Overall I've never been to a centre which has this calibre of offerings. The community-building process is the best I've experienced. Thank You." C.G.

"Such an amazing week, I will be back. Excellent food every day. Exceeded all my expectations." Sarah

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