Luxury Wellness Retreat, Mallorca, Spain

"This varied movement programme, generous hospitality and mouth-
watering menus have more than guaranteed the feel-good factor.” E.D. More reviews.

Luxury Wellness Retreat, Mallorca, Spain
Location Near Alaro, Mallorca, Spain
Open June - September
Activities Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition
Prices £1550pp 5 nights fb in twin shared room, all inclusive. Single rooms available.
Ideal for Fitness - Yoga - Massage - Nutrition advice - Vegan - Solo travellers
Contact > For dates see their website
> Ring UK mobile +44 7791 552 136

The Balanced Life Retreat uses a combination of training styles and advice to help you achieve your health goals. From weight loss and improved fitness to a lifestyle reset. They can show you how to look and feel your best and make it last.


Set on the edge of the Tramuntana Mountain Range overlooking meadows in one direction and dramatic mountains in the other. The nearest town is Alaro. The nearest airport is Palma (Mallorca).

Activities and Prices

- One to one personal training
- Group fitness sessions
- Group yoga
- 5-hour mountain hike
- 1 to 1 lifestyle consultation
- 1 to 1 goal setting
Fitness sessions include the use of equipment such as TRX (total body resistance exercise or suspension training), Swiss ball, weights, resistance bands and boxing gloves and pads.

Price: Single occupancy £2900; shared occupancy £1550 per person for 5 nights.
Includes transfers, full board accommodation, activities and two holistic treatments; excludes flights.

For dates or to check availability see above web link, or phone.

Accommodation and Food

Master bedroom is en-suite with dressing room and shared balcony.
2 x single bedrooms with two beds, shared bathroom.
2 x double bedrooms, shared bathroom.

Food: Largely plant-based, always nutritious and delicious. Vegan-friendly.

Child policy

Adults only on retreat.

Green footprint

What can I do?
See our 10 top tips on green travel - how to make your stay more enjoyable & better for the environment. Consider offsetting your car, train or plane journey via the charity

How ethical is the holiday?
- Acts with respect, honesty and fairness towards guests and staff
- Employs locals

How environmentally-friendly is the holiday?
- Recycles all recyclable waste
- Collects rain water for use in garden
- Created pond and wetland area for wildlife
- Provides reusable water bottles and vegan skincare products


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