Retreats AONB

Here's a selection of retreats in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in the UK, as designated by the official organisation Natural England.

You'll find that the sheer beauty, stunning views and the fresh air are a holiday in itself, and wonderfully complement the wellness, yoga, relaxation or spa programme offered.

Detox Yoga Retreats

Detox Yoga Retreats

Sun 4th Apr 2021 - Sun 7th Nov 2021

Rina Golan Detox Cleanse Yoga Retreats in the Cotwolds: Rest and rejuvenate on this idyllic English countryside retreat in AONB. Learn to prepare both raw and cooked, delicious, nutrient-rich living organic food, and vegetable and fruit juices. Acquire powerful yoga and breathing techniques, and receive nutritional and lifestyle advice to rediscover your wellbeing. Open for selected dates in January, March, July, September, October, 8-9 November. NOW offering live online courses too.