India, Kerala

Kerala means 'land of coconuts'. It is a peaceful and beautiful part of India, lying between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountains in the South West corner. Threaded by countless rivers and waterways, renowned for its serene back-water trips.

Kerala is also known as 'God's own country' because it is so fertile, and is well-known for its spices since before Roman times. Kerala also has some of India's best beaches, with the warm waters of the Indian ocean. The perfect place to experience Ayurveda and yoga if you know where to go!

Ayurveda Yoga Retreats Kerala, India

Ayurveda Yoga Retreats Kerala, India

Wed 8th Feb 2017 - Mon 31st Dec 2018

Amrutham is dedicated to providing authentic Ayurvedic treatment and offers free consultations with the in-house doctor, to ensure individual tailor made treatment programmes with optional detox. Amrutham hosts Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Bikram yoga retreats. Enjoy excursions like boatrips on the backwaters.