Mainland Greece has the Aegean to the east and south and the Ionian Sea to the west.

Greece boasts over 2000 islands - many of which are popular with holidaymakers seeking sun, sea and something more. Particular favourites include Crete (the largest Greek island); Mykonos, Paros and Santorini (Cyclades); Paxos (Ionian); Samos (Aegean); and Skyros (Sporades).

Seaside Holistic Holidays, Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece

Seaside Holistic Holidays, Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece

Sun 6th Jun 2021 - Sun 19th Sep 2021

Skyros Atsitsa: Skyros offers a choice of two centres in Greece: Atsitsa Bay and the Skyros Centre. Atsitsa is a lively holistic holiday right by the sea. It's an ideal place to try something new, discover new talents and meet a wonderful variety of interesting people. Activities include yoga, writing and more.